Chip and Pin

In-Tech appreciate that the processing of Credit and Debit Cards is of paramount importance to a retailer. Our solution handles payment cards via a managed service provided by Anderson Zaks, a leading payment processing service provider, called RedCard.

The RedCard solution is accredited with all the major UK acquiring banks and the RedCard Managed Service provides a fully hosted authorisation and settlement service coupled with comprehensive management and reporting options. The RedCard solution uses an Internet connection via Broadband for authorisation requests from Anderson Zaks central processing service. These authorisation requests are onward transmitted to the acquiring bank in real time over the X.25 network.

The service is supported and managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has achieved the industry’s most stringent security certification – PCI DSS Level 1.2.

By using the RedCard central processing service there is no requirement for any end of day process to be undertaken by the store and no need for the store or Head Office staff to become involved in checking polling has been successful.

The solution uses the Secura PIN Pad from Verifone and is connected to the POS via a serial connection. The Secura Pin Pad meets all the industry requirements in terms of certifications including EMV1 and 2, Visa PED, PCI PED and APACS common criteria.

When using the RedCard solution there is the availability of comprehensive management information in relation to card transaction using their on-line reporting system. This is a browser based information system that provides companies with the ability to configure account information and set up a massive variety of reports for import into other accounting systems and applications.

With regards to PCI DSS compliance, because the card details are not held on the POS or back office PC, there are no issues relating to PCI DSS compliance. The data, when transmitted to the central processing centre, conforms to the Payer Authentication standard (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode), which uses encryption of card numbers and offering address verification (AVS) and card security code (CSC) validation.