The CHOISE Retail Management system runs at Head Office, Store Back Office and POS – all communicating in real time across the Internet. A retailer may run CHOISE at all three tiers across their estate or at any one level.

CHOISE is designed to manage all Merchandising and Sales activities, from POS to Board reports in industries as diverse as grocery, footwear, fashion, speciality foods, non-food, forecourts, CTN’s and convenience, off-licences and pharmacy. The solution incorporates a powerful Loyalty and Customer Accounts function.

Our smallest customer has one store and our largest has over 100. The system runs centrally on leading databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and the retailer can choose the scale and investment that is needed to match the retail organisations requirements. The system is available as a multi-currency, multi-tax environment, which is why it is in use on numerous off-shore locations.

The CHOISE solution can be installed on a single computer, multi user network, thin-client or touch-screen POS. Once the CHOISE system is installed it can be maintained via the internet, with all support, service and help available through In-Tech Systems’ renowned support teams.

The software is designed to allow retailers to increase Sales and Margin by providing up to the minute information that the system will present in an easy to understand format.

By implementing the CHOISE solution and our suggested business methods, higher profits can easily be achieved. Increased customers, increased customer spend, supplier discounts, better buying and increased availability all add up to more profit for you and your retail business.