Goods Received / Invoice Matching

CHOISE provides facilities that enable users to match invoices or credit notes received from a supplier to goods received notes, return documents or orders directly. It addresses all aspects of tying up received invoices and credit notes to the relevant goods received notes (GRNs), return documents and purchase orders. This increases efficiency and consistency throughout the process.

The CHOISE Invoice Matching module is an integral part of the CHOISE solution which integrates with the Financial Accounting module. It provides enhanced online purchase invoice matching and processing facilities that allow matched invoices to be posted to the accounts quickly and easily. CHOISE streamlines the invoice matching and approval process to increase productivity and approval turnaround times.

The CHOISE invoice matching solution provides the capabilities to:

  • Cut invoice processing workload and costs
  • Reduce discrepancies, errors and bottlenecks
  • Improve payment cycles
  • Eliminate erroneous, over and late payments
  • Realise preferential payment terms
  • Comply with contract requirements

CHOISE speeds up invoice matching, exception handling and significantly improves visibility of complex invoice handling processes:

  • Dynamically match invoices or credit notes received from a supplier to goods received notes
  • Automated matching procedure allows invoices to be processed with confidence
  • Flexible method of code handling that can be tailored to each customer’s requirements in order to optimise workflow
  • Sophisticated workflow to view, dispute and approve invoices for payment and effectively resolve discrepancies and exceptions
  • Improved invoice exception handling tools that automatically route failed invoices based on type of exception for increased ease of use
  • Automated or user-initiated invoice matching, based on matching rules and supplier tolerances
  • Monitor every step of the process, including status of invoices, invoices held up in dispute, and suspect invoices
  • Comprehensive audit trails and traceability for reporting and compliance
  • Automatic integration with the CHOISE Financial Accounts

CHOISE enables customers to match invoices against individual goods receipts to significantly boost matching rates for improved process efficiency:

  • Minimise the need to for time-consuming and repetitive invoice handling tasks
  • Achieve higher matching rates with targeted tolerance facilities
  • Substantially reduce the total invoice processing cycles times
  • Allow staff to concentrate fully on accounting tasks and process improvement instead of handling invoice exceptions
  • Exploit early payment discounts and avoid late payment fees
  • Obtain control of invoice workflow processes through statistics and audit trail