Warehouse Management

CHOISE is a comprehensive solution for retailers with their own distribution centres, Wholesalers and Cash & Carry businesses. The CHOISE Warehouse Management system is designed to be a straightforward tool to help optimise stock holdings, with the minimum amount of administration.

The Choise system includes complete, state-of-the-art warehouse management functionality that supports standard processes such as receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment, and shipping. The warehouse management functionality manages both single and multi-warehouse operations with transactions being performed both by keyboard and handheld barcode scanning devices. The warehouse management functionality is fully-integrated with the complete CHOISE software suite, including purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and financial management to provide a complete end-to-end solution for retail and wholesale organisations.

While optimised picking can be performed with traditional paper-based processes, greater productivity can be derived through CHOISE directed picking and paperless processes. CHOISE manages and tracks the complete flow of material through the entire organisation, from receipt and putaway of goods, and picking and shipping to customers. CHOISE also automates the management of other warehouse tasks such as stock taking operations.

CHOISE is fully RF and barcode-enabled and supports barcode printing for products, cases and locations. In addition to on-demand barcode printing, all major warehouse management transactions can be performed directly using handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners. All activities are time stamped to allow for further warehouse productivity evaluation.

CHOISE supports warehouse optimisation and worker productivity by providing locations, and bins to facilitate optimal inventory placement for improved worker efficiency.

In addition CHOISE supports the recording of incoming goods receipts via standard keyboard entry and handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners. Incoming receipts can be placed directly into active inventory, or into bulk stock locations. Receiving can be recorded via standard keyboard entry and handheld RF-enabled barcode scanners and can be performed against purchase orders or when no purchase order exists. Supplier advance shipping notifications can pre-fill anticipated receiving quantities as an additional checkpoint for data integrity purposes. CHOISE supports immediate allocation of inventory to sales order line items through receipts from vendors and offers a flexible inventory putaway solutions tailored to each customer’s warehouse requirements.

CHOISE provides flexible picking facilities which allow retailers and wholesalers to optimize their picking and shipping operations. The solution generates picking lists by using criteria such as order, location and product and supports RF-directed picking. In addition CHOISE provides stock rotation facilities through the individual recording of receipt batches.

In Summary the CHOISE warehouse management functionality supports retailers and wholesalers various shipping requirements and generates the necessary documentation for internal (retailers) and external (wholesalers) purposes. CHOISE offers full integration with financial systems to provide full traceability of all despatches. All shipping information is available for internal branch charging purposes or for transmission to an external customer via EDI.